We're the Proud Maroons.
The Proud Maroons

The only national football supporters’ group that can’t have fans from its own nation—because joining would send them to jail.

But the whole LGBTQ+ community and its allies outside Qatar can join us in turning the most silenced supporters in the world into the loudest.

We're the Proud Maroons

We named our group after Qatar’s national football team’s nickname: The Maroons.

Why? Because in the eyes of Qatari authorities, that's the worst thing that could happen: having the love they want us to hide on proud display, all to bring global visibility to Qatar’s LGBTQ+ community during and after the games.

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Meet our president.

"I’m Nas Mohammed, the first Qatari to publicly come out as gay. I had to flee my country to avoid jail or torture, which is why I started The Alwan Foundation: to fight for the rights of other LGBTQ+ Qataris so they can exist without fear. Now that the world is watching Qatar for a full month of football, we have the chance to bring global visibility to my community. Support us by becoming a Proud Maroon, because we should be free to show our pride in any country—even after the games are over."

How can you get involved?

When they play, we post! Share your pride when Qatar scores a goal.


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Become an official Proud Maroon by posting and donating to The Alwan Foundation to help support the Qatari LGBTQ+ community after the games are over.

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Our partners

The Alwan Foundation


Help us send a powerful message to authorities to ensure the safety and human rights of LGBTQ+ Qataris long after the games are over.

Contribute to Our Cause

Looking for more ways to support our mission? You can make a donation directly to Dr. Nas’ nonprofit organization, The Alwan Foundation. Every contribution helps us make a bigger impact for LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar.

Join the Proud Maroons

Be a part of Qatar’s first-ever LGBTQ+ national football supporters’ group. Whether you’re part of the queer community or an ally, you can join our roster and share your pride from anywhere around the world.